Smart Training and Assessment Conference

The feedback is in for your workshop presented at the DETA Smart Training and Assessment Conference. Here is a selection of the comments:

  • Good fun good ideas.
  • Fantastic.
  • Excellent content and tricks.
  • Brilliant presenter of content.
  • Knowledgeable and well presented.
  • Marc was excellent, he provided great ideas that can be used
  • Brilliant!!
  • Really relevant and useful skills and techniques that can be implemented immediately
  • Best of the whole 2 days.
  • Engaging, entertaining, fun.
  • Interesting, good facilitator.
  • Great skills for getting people interested.
  • Lots of fun. Should be more like it
  • Awesome, great tips. Intend to go back and use them. Best one yet. Fantastic by far the best presenter – engaging.
  • Excellent, very relevant.
  • Great session for all practitioners.
  • Brilliant presentation. Great way to end the conference”.
Wendy Nichols, Senior Project Officer, DETA

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